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Kundali Milan

Horoscope matching is a primary step to find out the prospective couples compatibility on certain parameters. There are few systems of horoscope matching. Ashtakut Gun Milan. This is based on 8 parameters namely Varn, Vashya, Tara, Yoni, Grah Maitri , Gana , Bhakoot and
Naadi. Then comes 10 Poruthams based on 10 parameters. They are, 1. Dina, 2. Ganam, 3. Yoni, 4.Rasi, 5. Rasiyathipati, 6.Rajju, 7. Vedha, 8. Vashya, 9. Mahendram,and 10. Stree Deergam.(This method is popular in South India)

There is one more method popular in South India. It is called Dasha Sandipu. It means, if either bride or groom’s Dasha is going to change in the next 1 year, then the marriage is not recommended. As said in the beginning, such Gun Milap or Kundali Milan is only to assess the compatibility. Harmonious married life defends on some planets and houses in the chart. House No 2, 4, 7, 8 and 12 are interrelated to married life. Therefore
the strength of these houses, owner Planets of these houses, planets placed in these houses, auspicious and inauspicious influences on these houses and planets play role regarding the harmonious married life. Despite this, due to wrong prediction of the charts , disbelief in Astrology and accepting Gun Milan or Kundali Milan as full and final green signal for marriage create turmoils in the married life. No marriage is 100% blissful but proper chart reading and and action on them would certainly mitigate the baneful events in married life. Astro Simran will try to
guide you for the better and peaceful married life.

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