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Jyotish Vidya (Astrology) is the study of all aspects of planets and luminaries –the Sun and Moon. Jyotish Vidya (Astrology) is prevalent and applicable for the benefit of humanity from time immemorial and its origin can be traced to the origin of life through the mythological and religious revelations. Hindu Gods and their incarnations were using this knowledge as found in Hindu religious books known as epics. The word Jyot means a light Ish means God hence a ray of light from God is Jyotish. It helps, protects and even guides us as to what is to be done next. Astrology is the study of stars, planets, luminaries and their placement, aspects, conjunction with other planets and its effect on the humans. The time of birth is of out most importance in astrology to predict the future, the time of birth or a significant event science. Its references of this can be found in all our shastras, Vedas, Puranas and epics too. Astro Simran will try to give you the best solution.

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