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I am an Astrologer who possesses good knowledge and experience in Astrology. I completed my graduation in French, Masters in Astrology and now pursuing my Ph.D in Astrology and also learning Advance Predictive Methods of Astrology from Magha Vedic Astrology by famous astrologer K.R.S (Kapil Raj Srivastava).  I have written a novel Kicked After Kiss and my another book is under writing process on the topic All about marriage in Astrology. For me Astrology is a blessings and a kind of tree which duty is to give fruits and as a people we are here to take fruits and we have to take as it will give you nutrition as well. When I was teacher I used to consult an Astrologer and one day I just got deep into my thoughts that how planets can affects us soo much and then I decided to learn this deep well of knowledge (because of Lord Vishnu). With my techniques of predicting future I have helped many of clients and of course some karmas are unchangeable called Prarabad Karmas, in this case I provide some remedies and that can give you strength to pass that difficult time. I was awarded as JYOTISH BHUSHAN, JYOTISH MARTAND by great Astrologers Ajay Bhambhi, Dr H.S Rawat and Acharya Dr Dalip Kumar. My main focus is to make your account of karma balance in this janma.

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